Most people know and feel that we are in times of GREAT change, the ‘end’ times that are prophesied in Sacred Texts, and if we are to change our world, we need to change ourselves and to do things differently. LOVE, PEACE, SELFLESSNESS, FORGIVENESS and GENTLE KINDNESS expressed in everyday living are what will ultimately bring our world to a state of Peace, Happiness and Harmony.  And that Inner Peace and Love towards all life, needs to be cultivated and grow like a Flame – which it is. It is an inward journey which reflects in the outer world, and it has nothing to do with intellectual or physical capabilities, status or fame.

With a Force greater that human will,  an ordinary woman set off on a PEACE MISSION from Cape Town, South Africa, on the 6th November 2014, to travel through countries in Africa and beyond. Once the home was sold and business handed over to others, she set off in a mobile home to fulfill her Mission!

The main aim of the Mission is to spread the “I AM” Teachings given to humanity during the last century by the Ascended Masters, which explain the ‘Laws of Life’ in simple ways, the breaking of which, has caused the lack of Peace & Love and connection to our God Presence, “I AM,” and the devastation of our earth over millennia.

It is also to spread the news of the end of the global slavery system, the closure of the Federal Reserve, and the freeing of humanity through the distribution of value backed currency via UN God Sky Earth – SWISSINDO :


Having been involved personally with UN SWISSINDO -God Sky Earth  – and having spent 5 weeks in Indonesia visiting with Bapak Sughi (M1) I have faith that this is a God-directed Mission, and the TRUTH for the Freedom of mankind.   But before the Payments 1-11 can be released to humanity, the corrupt leaders of the world need to be removed.  This is happening at the current time.

Over time, there will also be a global roll-out of of funding for projects that uplift and restore the Earth. The VENUS PROJECT is a good example, and is one of the projects that has already been accepted by UN Swissindo. The plan is to establish a VENUS PROJECT in all countries of the world.  Earth is far behind in its evolution, and there is a sense of urgency to this.  Mankind needs to come to ways of conscious cooperation with the Elemental and Angelic Kingdoms (see the page on this site:  http://peacekeepersunite.com/category/peaceful-earth/)

The Mission is also to meet and UNITE with groups and people along the way that share a common goal and vision of World Peace, United as a Holy Family. Those that are helping to bring awareness of Freedom, Hope and Happiness to all life on earth. This includes environmental preservation and restoration, food growing initiatives, healing and health, religious groups, governments and organizations involved with upliftment programs, other missionary organizations from all religions, and any group/organization bringing more Knowledge, Freedom, Love and Peace to the world!

While the mission is non-denominational, Knowledge & and an unalterable Faith in The Fathomless Love, Wisdom, Power and Forgiveness of The Almighty Father /Mother God of all, The Great “I AM”, and Their Beloved Messengers, Who are directing the destiny of humanity and the earth, is at the Heart of it.

The following is offered:

1    Free courses and talks on ‘The Laws of Life’ and the “I AM” Teachings, according to the “I AM” Activity and ‘Bridge to Freedom’ Publications. These Teachings are not affiliated to any existing religious organization and do not conflict with the Sacred Texts advocating Peace, Love. & Freedom www.iamfree.co.za 

2    Free Talks on TOOLS to assist in cultivating & maintaining Peace and Harmony, Faith, Love and Selflessness in our daily lives. Adhering to these simple Laws WILL bring the Happiness and Freedom we all desire!

3     Joining of groups and individuals from other cities and countries.

For further information please go to the CONTACT PAGE and leave a message:  http://peacekeepersunite.com/contact-us/


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