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          These wonderful stories were recorded by Baird T. Spalding, in the early part of last century and published in his books, “The Life and Teachings of the Masters of the Far East”. These books are extraordinary, and well worth reading. There was a little girl, living in Texas who was a natural healer. Baird Spalding when to Texas to meet her, and her mother told him that she seemed different to other children. The thing that stood out the most was that she was always telling everyone that she loved them. She would say, “I see that love around everyone and around myself.” Whenever she heard of anyone who was sick she would ask to be taken to them, and almost in every instance, where she was taken to the room of the sick person, that one would get up out of the bed perfectly well. That child went on to develop and at the time of writing the books was doing great work in the healing realm. Baird Spalding also tells an exquisite story of a child in Holland. In Holland there are many Red Clover, and the blossoms stand 30 – 40 centimeters above the ground and are a site to see when in bloom. This particular Sunday afternoon, Baird Spalding was visiting the mother of this child. They were sitting on the porch of the house, when the child walked out from the porch, right across the field of Red Clover that was in front of the house, for about 30 meters, turned and came back and her feet never touched the ground.   Baird asked the child how she did that, and she said, “I don’t know, I just give love to everything. I love that Clover and the Clover holds me up.” She talked about her playmates and said that she loved them all and they loved her, and so nothing could ever happen to them. Baird Spalding kept in touch with the family until the girl was 21, and then lost touch with her as she moved to Belgium. Her father told him that he only ever heard her talk of love for everybody. When Baird Spalding was visiting Spain one time, he went to one the copper mines to meet with a Russian family who had recently moved there. The father worked on the mine. They had an 11 year-old girl, and the parents told him that their daughter had what was known as the ‘healing touch.’ She would put her hand on a person and say, “I love you and I love you so much that your illness has passed away; it is gone. I have filled that space with love.” Baird Spalding did some research and found this to be true. In the case of deformity, the body would become absolutely perfect. He watched one case where the patient was in the last stages of epilepsy. The girl put her hand on the person and said, “Your whole body is filled with love, and I only see the Light.” In less than three minutes the malady was completely gone. We are telling you these stories as they are so wonderfully simple and natural and all of us can do the same, we just need enough Love and Faith. If we start to tell such stories to the children from an early age, it will seem possible and so it will be natural and normal for them. As Gautama Buddha said, “To give five minutes to the realization of true Divine Love is greater than to pass a thousand bowls of food to the needy because, in give forth Love, you help every Soul in the Universe.”    





A wonderful story . . . . . . . .

As told by Beloved Alice Schutz in LAW OF LIFE ENLIGHTENER.

V.13 N.4, November-December, 37 A.F. (1991)

A student related the following experience to Alice. “The following experience was told to me by a Miss A. from Budapest. Miss A. was living in New York City, at the time the Messengers, Mr. & Mrs. Ballard were holding a class on the “I AM” Instruction at the Mecca Temple in New York City, Nov. 25-Dec. 4, 1938, the Instruction was being broadcasted over radio, 30 minutes of each class, and Miss A. had heard the broadcast and had come hoping she might get to talk to Mrs. Ballard. But as no appointment had been arranged she could not see Mrs. Ballard immediately. So she said: “I have a feeling I should tell you part of what I want to tell Mrs. Ballard. I have never told anyone about this experience before.”

“She began by saying, during the World War I, I was serving as a nurse. I had been sent out near the front to a building that was used for a hospital, and the wounded and dying men were lying all over the floor with cats and rats around. It was a terrible condition and the foul odor of the place was almost unbearable. I had no help, no food, no supplies and no medicine for the men and I did not know what to do and as I stood in bewilderment, I bit my lip and said, “Oh God! If there is a God, surely something can be done for these men.” As I turned to look around, there stood a very, very beautiful doctor, and he said: “My dear may I be of assistance to you?” I replied, “Oh yes! Doctor I need everything for these men, they are going to die if I don’t get immediate assistance, I need beds, I need food, I need bandages and other supplies, I need doctors, and nurses, I need medicine!” This wonderful, beautiful doctor just smiled, and said: “No we don’t use medicine.” But I said: “Doctor I need medicine to inject into them to stop their pain and suffering.” And he said: “No we don’t use medicine to stop pain.” And I said: “Doctor they are going to die, and he would say: “No they are not going to die they are all going to get well.” As we walked along I noticed the entire hospital had become fragrant like roses, and before He left He said: “I will see what I can do to help you.” He asked me if I liked nursing, and I told him, “Yes, if I just had something to do it with.”

“At this time the men were lying all over the floor in a terrible condition, but within twenty-four hours after this beautiful, wonderful doctor was there, every man was in a bed, the bunk kind, three decks along the walls, there was food, supplies, nurses, and everything in perfect condition. I don’t know how all these things got into the hospital, but they got there, and the men remarked about the walls and floors and ceiling all looking violet. The next time this beautiful, wonderful doctor came I noticed He had a big black beard, and as I looked at Him I didn’t like that, and He just smiled but did not say anything, and the next time He came, He didn’t have a beard. Every time after this beautiful wonderful Doctor was there, the men would speak about the walls, floor and ceiling all looking violet and the entire place smelled like roses for days after each visit.

“Finally after many days, the regular doctors with their 15 or 20 attendants came and as they entered they gave orders for the men to be prepared for operations, and the men all called out and said: “We don’t want any operations, we want our clothes.” The doctors and the attendants wanted to know what was the matter with them, and what happened, and the men all replied: “There has been another doctor here and we are all healed.” And they demanded their clothes. The doctors and their attendants examined the men and to their surprise found the men were all healed and ready to go home! So then the doctors wanted to know more about this beautiful doctor. They made inquiry of the guards at the doors. The guards all declared there had been no doctor enter there. I replied to them: “There has been a doctor here, and the proof of it is the men are all healed. I asked the guards, how did all the beds and supplies get in here, and none of them knew anything about how any of those things got in there. I said further, I don’t know how the doctor got in here and I don’t know how he got out of here, but I do know he was here and there is plenty of proof of it.

“They were all amazed but acknowledged that this same doctor had been to other hospitals also.

“One time after this wonderful, beautiful doctor had been there, I met a nurse as I went thru a door and she stepped back as though surprised or shocked, and said: “Oh! Miss A.! “What?” I said. And she stepped back and just looked with great surprise. I asked her why she acted that way: and she replied; “There is a great Light around you, don’t you see it?” I replied that I did not, and she said no more.

“As she related this experience to me, we were standing in the lobby of the Mecca Temple in New York City. As she turned and looked thru the door to the stage she saw the picture of beloved Master Saint Germain, she pointed to It and said: “There is the picture of that beautiful, wonderful doctor, only He is so much more beautiful that that picture, and Oh! His clothes were so beautiful and wonderful you have never seen beautiful clothes until you see His clothes.

“You have never seen a beautiful person until you see that beautiful, wonderful Doctor.

“The last time this beautiful Doctor came to the hospital He asked me, “When your service here is over what would you like to do?” I replied: “Go to America.” He smiled and said: “Go to America?” but said no more about that, but He did say, “When you need help call to Me and I will help you.”

“I said: “How can I call to you, I don’t even know your name.” He did not reply but just smiled.

“Then after my service was over and I was at home, one day a very beautiful man came to my place and said: “Did you say you wanted to go to America?” I replied “Yes.” He said, “How would you like to travel?” I replied, “I do have travel documents, but I don’t know where they are.” He left and when He returned He handed me an envelope, and in it was a ticket, a second-class passage to New York City, and the names and addresses of my people in New York City. I came as soon as I could get ready, and have been here since.

Today when I heard that broadcast over the radio, I just felt I had to come down here. I have never told anyone about this experience before, but I just had the feeling I should tell you, and I hope to get to see Mrs. Ballard.

“An appointment was arranged and she got to see Mrs. Ballard. After she had finished telling me of this experience which was just before the evening class, and the girls had returned to the book tables, I had the opportunity to tell my wife and a friend about it as I have given it here; there was a flash of Light came from above, which was surely a signal from our Blessed Master Saint Germain, that this was the truth.

“Some weeks later I had an opportunity to tell Mr. and Mrs. Ballard about this. Mr. Ballard said it was the truth. Mrs. Ballard said, she had told her about the experience about the same as I had related it to them. About a year later I was asked to tell this to an audience of about 3,000 people, and there were two men in the audience who were in Budapest during the war and they told me that an account of this experience was in the newspapers of Budapest and the guards were on that; for not knowing how the doctor got into the hospital.” A Student.

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