These wonderful stories were recorded by Baird T. Spalding, in the early part of last century and published in his books, “The Life and Teachings of the Masters of the Far East”. These books are extraordinary, and well worth reading. There was a little girl, living in Texas who was a natural healer. Baird Spalding when to Texas to meet her, and her mother told him that she seemed different to other children. The thing that stood out the most was that she was always telling everyone that she loved them. She would say, “I see that love around everyone and around myself.” Whenever she heard of anyone who was sick she would ask to be taken to them, and almost in every instance, where she was taken to the room of the sick person, that one would get up out of the bed perfectly well. That child went on to develop and at the time of writing the books was doing great work in the healing realm. Baird Spalding also tells an exquisite story of a child in Holland. In Holland there are many Red Clover, and the blossoms stand 30 – 40 centimeters above the ground and are a site to see when in bloom. This particular Sunday afternoon, Baird Spalding was visiting the mother of this child. They were sitting on the porch of the house, when the child walked out from the porch, right across the field of Red Clover that was in front of the house, for about 30 meters, turned and came back and her feet never touched the ground.   Baird asked the child how she did that, and she said, “I don’t know, I just give love to everything. I love that Clover and the Clover holds me up.” She talked about her playmates and said that she loved them all and they loved her, and so nothing could ever happen to them. Baird Spalding kept in touch with the family until the girl was 21, and then lost touch with her as she moved to Belgium. Her father told him that he only ever heard her talk of love for everybody. When Baird Spalding was visiting Spain one time, he went to one the copper mines to meet with a Russian family who had recently moved there. The father worked on the mine. They had an 11 year-old girl, and the parents told him that their daughter had what was known as the ‘healing touch.’ She would put her hand on a person and say, “I love you and I love you so much that your illness has passed away; it is gone. I have filled that space with love.” Baird Spalding did some research and found this to be true. In the case of deformity, the body would become absolutely perfect. He watched one case where the patient was in the last stages of epilepsy. The girl put her hand on the person and said, “Your whole body is filled with love, and I only see the Light.” In less than three minutes the malady was completely gone. We are telling you these stories as they are so wonderfully simple and natural and all of us can do the same, we just need enough Love and Faith. If we start to tell such stories to the children from an early age, it will seem possible and so it will be natural and normal for them. As Gautama Buddha said, “To give five minutes to the realization of true Divine Love is greater than to pass a thousand bowls of food to the needy because, in give forth Love, you help every Soul in the Universe.”    

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