Masters of Wisdom speak on PEACE



The Masters Of Wisdom Speak on PEACE

It will be of tremendous encouragement to us when enough of mankind choose to learn how to govern their energies, for we will then see the final chapter in the book of life, a planet of everlasting Peace.” Lord Hilarion


Individual, national, universal and cosmic peace is based on the capacity of each member of society to consciously and voluntarily control the quality of the energy which enters his particular atmosphere and orbit, which then radiates out and affects the world of which he is a part. As a chain is only as strong as its weakest link, so is the peace of a family, a nation or a planet only as enduring as the power of the least member of its society to disturb its harmony. The education of the human race, as to its individual responsibility to enter a course of applied self-control, is the first step toward an abiding peace, the like of which we enjoy in the kingdom of heaven.


“And the government shall be upon his shoulders.” The race is passing from the irresponsible days of childhood, with its requisite restraints of force, into the self-government through which each individual abides within the law of love and takes as his personal and constant responsibility to govern, qualify and radiate energy into our universe that in no way disturbs the peace. When the race accepts this individual responsibility, and takes his individual government upon his shoulders, the doing of God’s will, will be a joy and not a task of superhuman difficulties. The individual should cultivate daily that peace that passeth all understanding, and when he becomes a peace-radiating center, he will know what real happiness is, and moreover he will be doing God’s will, thereby becoming a conscious co-worker of the Great White Brotherhood.


Working so constantly with the Lords of Karma and the builders of form, to provide suitable receptive bodies for the incoming souls, who are the hope of the future, it has been my particular concern to see the ungoverned thoughts and feelings of the human race, condensing into localized and planetary wars, destroy the bodies of the young before they are enabled to manifest their particular destinies. If mankind, individually, could understand that each lifestream contributes to the face of war, which has appeared in every generation, we could hope, then, for an individual endeavor to stop feeding the angers, jealousies, greeds and lusts which, in turn, tear from the hearts and homes of all peoples, the flower of each nation’s youth.


In my particular service to life, I have endeavored to stress the deep necessity for understanding the motivating power behind the actions of our brothers, human and divine. The life within every individual is seeking and striving to express the God intent, because that is the primal nature of life, itself. The vessel, or instrument, through which it endeavors to express, limits the gifts and powers of this life. If man would look to this life, within his brother, and encourage its expression in a loving and constructive manner, instead of driving it back through intolerance, bigotry and impatience, we should see true brotherhood, which is the essence of family, national, planetary and cosmic peace.


“In our present humanity, there are in the neighborhood of ten billion souls, all completing their individual evolutions through the planets of our system. Because each individual is a generator of vibrations, through thought, feeling, spoken word and physical action, the universal vibration of the earth’s atmosphere, inner and outer, is the conglomerate mass of these uncontrolled energies. Is it not evident why, from time to time, these energies mass—like great storm clouds—and break over the peoples as WAR?

Only one third of the entire population is allowed by the Lords of Karma to take embodiment at a time, due to the lack of control of each individual, as a greater percentage of incarnated lifestreams would blow the very physical substance of the earth to pieces! It is, indeed, time that individual, more than universal, self control and self correction be instigated, and—as the individual unit becomes a peace-commanding presence—the world screen will reflect the condition in the atmosphere of each human being. Then, and then alone, will an abiding peace be manifest to this generation, and those that are yet to come.”


“Every man becomes the possessor of the energy of life when his lifestream is individualized. At the same time, he becomes individually responsible for the quality which he charges into his energy, as it passes through his mind, feelings, and body, into the world around him. The mankind of this earth are endeavoring to learn how to govern the energy of their individual worlds. This is the purpose of incarnation in the schoolroom of Earth. The misuse of energy recoils upon the individual, and gradually, as children learn the lessons of cause and effect through experience, mankind awakens to the necessity of governing and controlling the life given to him so freely.

But in the course of his learning, there is so much “raw material” drawn from the universal storehouse and thrown carelessly into the world of form, that the Law of Mercy has placed us here to help in clearing the experimental laboratories again and again, so that humanity may try to learn its lessons of harmonious expression under the most favorable circumstances. It will be of tremendous encouragement to us when enough of mankind choose to learn how to govern their energies, for we will then see the final chapter in the book of life, a planet of everlasting peace.”


“The kingdom of heaven is a sphere of consciousness, in which there is no individual being desirous of, or capable of, creating an inharmonious or destructive vibration through the use of the creative centers of thought, feeling, spoken words, or action. To enter the kingdom, a lifestream must first signify his willingness to stop re-qualifying this energies in a manner that creates discord, subtle or apparent. Then comes the more tedious process of training the subtle bodies to receive and direct the impersonal energies of life in a wholly constructive and harmonious manner.

When the lifestream has proven itself no longer capable or desirous of responding to any type of stimuli—external or internal—in a manner that creates a discordant vibration, that one is a candidate for entrance into the kingdom. Have you ever thought of how long the kingdom would endure, if even one lifestream, who had not become absolute master of his energies, should become an active, conscious, contributing part of its atmosphere? To prepare to enter the kingdom is not the work of a moment, nor the emotional stimulus of a “last hour” repentance—it is a life work of constant, persistent endeavor in self-control, self-correction, and prayerful invocation for the contributing grace of radiation from those who have achieved.”


“Mankind cries today, “I want peace.” We must reverse this desire to “I give peace.” Every member of our human race is an atom in the universal body of God. The body is only as perfect as its every part. The coming of peace is to be accomplished through the human race and not for the human race. To hold the peace is the responsibility of the individual who is self-consciously aware of the requirement of the hour. Man signifies every moment which is most precious to him, by that to which he clings, peace or his own personal will, peace or his individual comforts, peace or his individual concepts.

I do not advocate “peace at any price,” not for an instant. But an individual may be positively aligned on the side of right, and yet his individual energies positively charging vibrations of a battling, inharmonious nature into the cause he serves. Paradoxical? No! The nature of your feeling world in dealing with conditions determines whether you are holding the peace or—self-righteously or otherwise—feeding the works of the devil.”


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Excerpt from “The Magic Presence” By Godfre Ray King– page 256




As we change ourselves we change the world!

“It is because humanity has forgotten to be grateful to Life for all the Blessings upon this Earth that it has shut the door to Peace and become bound by the chains of its own selfishness. The mass of mankind seeks the possession and holding of things, which is an inversion of the Law of Life. Life forever says to the individual, ‘Expand, and ever let Me pour Greater and Greater Perfection through you forever!’

“The Law of Life is to GIVE, for only by giving of one’s Self can one expand. To give the intense Love of your own ‘Mighty I AM Presence’ unto all mankind, to all Life, is the Mightiest Activity we can use to draw the human into the Divine. In this Divine Love is contained every good thing.

“There have been thousands of platitudes written about Divine Love, but only when the individual knows Divine Love as something more than an abstract principle does he realize that he can generate It at will and direct It consciously to accomplish whatever he decrees. The Ascended Master knows Divine Love as a ‘Presence,’ an Intelligence, a Principle, a Light, a Power, an Activity, and a Substance. Therein lies the Secret to Their Supreme Authority and Power, for there is nothing to obstruct the approach of Divine Love anywhere in the Universe. When the student understands how to draw forth the Flame of Divine Love from within his own ‘Mighty I AM Presence’ at his own Decree, he knows it is but a very short time until his constant use of It raises him into the Ascension. Only enough Love can accomplish that for anyone, but It must be first projected forth before It can release the Blessings within Its Heart unto the sender.

“Divine Love, being the Eternal, is the Unquenchable, Invincible, Unconquerable ‘Presence of the I AM,’ and therefore Master of all, now and forever! All the joys and pleasures of the outer world are as but dust compared to the limitless, ever increasing Wonders of Creation in Cosmic Space which the Ascended Master may observe and enjoy consciously and at will. One of the tremendous Blessings of the Ascended State is the entire absence of any criticism or condemnation of human frailties or mistakes. If the student of Light will train himself to forget everything that is useless or that is in any way undesirable, he will not only make rapid progress, but it is imperative if he is to free himself from human limitation. For the student to drag after him unpleasant memories is but one of the many ways by which he creates over and over again the same experiences of misery from which he is really seeking to be Free.


“The Light does not receive in-harmony into Itself. As the student enters the Light, he becomes all Light, hence all Perfection. To have in-harmony drop away from the body or affairs, the personality must let go of all thought, feeling, and words about imperfection. An Activity that will always bring complete Freedom is for the student to pour out Unconditional and Eternal Forgiveness to everybody and everything. This does what nothing else can do to free everyone, as well as the person who sends it out. Forgiveness fills all with Light’s Perfection.

“When Forgiveness is sincere, the individual will find his world re-ordered as if by magic and filled with every good thing; but remember that unless a discord is forgotten, it is not forgiven, because you cannot loose it or release yourself from it until it is out of your consciousness. So long as you remember an injustice or a disturbed feeling, you have not forgiven either the person or the condition. When the forgiveness is complete, the feeling nature or emotional body is serene, kind, happy, comfortable, and like a Mountain of Light. It is so powerful that one abides within it as impregnable as in a fortress. Even though he stand amidst the wreck of worlds, yet will he remain untouched by anything but Perfection in the Light.

“Remember, what your consciousness is held firmly upon, you bring into existence in yourself. It is impossible for your Life to contain anything that is not your present or past accumulation of consciousness. Whatever you are conscious of in thought and feeling stamps itself upon the Universal substance in and around you and brings forth after its kind-always. This is a Mighty Cosmic Law from which there is no variation or escape.”


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