Mission & Vision


Unified in Peace & Love as One Family without distinction of colour, religion, nationality or status.  A world where all people are Free to live responsibly according to their Divine Plan, Happily and at Peace. A world devoid of war, selfishness, ownership, force or fear and without judgement, deceit, greed, illness and poverty.

A world where we are all are truly in our Hearts, connected to our “I AM” Presence, allowing It full control, and fully aware that ALL the people on earth are our brothers & sisters,  and we are ALL CONNECTED  – May we always ‘doing to others as we like them to do to us’!


Is to assist in bringing this knowledge of PAYMENTS 1-11 to the world, and for the DIVINE PLAN TO BE FULFILLED FOR SAINT GERMAIN’S VISION OF UTOPIA ON EARTH.

The Venus Project to be implemented in all countries.

The “I AM” Teachings from the Ascended Masters given again to the people of the earth, explaining the immutable Universal Laws of Life and the knowledge of our ‘I AM’ Presence and the use of the Sacred Fire to free ourselves from all karma past and present.

To bring into being a future where people live responsibly and use their time and resources constructively for the betterment of all life.

A world of Freedom, Reverence, Peace, Joy, Happiness, Health, Prosperity and Unconditional Love, with no pollution or waste,  where animals and all nature is revered and gentle, peaceful, kind attitudes are the norm.

While the mission is non-denominational, Faith in The God of all, the Mighty “I AM”   –  and The Ascended Hosts, Who are directing the destiny of humanity and the Earth, is at the heart of it  – please join and be a part of it.


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