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Excerpt from THE WISDOM OF THE AGES – Beloved Lord Kuthumi  Page 19 & 20

   “Often I have spoken to the hearts of the Elementals. Under the Beloved Maha Chohan I have been privileged to serve in the Great Temples of Nature and draw close to the sweet intelligences who have volunteered to create and mould the very substance of life into the beauty of the landscape, as well as the nourishment by hwich man’s physical bodies are enabled to sustain themselves.

The Ability of the elementals to ‘MIRROR’ a picture given to them, enables them to serve in externalizing the glorious manifestations which are created for the enjoyment and sustenance of mankind.

In these Temple a Great Builder of Form gathers around Him a number of these little Intelligent Beings. He then externalizes a picture of a flower, a piece of fruit, a shrub, a grain of wheat, a tree according to the type of elemental in His class. He uses the universal Light Substance as His ‘blackboard’ as well as for the body of His Thought Form.  The little elementals then immediately take on the very form that He is projecting. While He holds the form, it is simple for them to sustain their own little replicas, but when He dissolves His thought form, theirs disappear too! By degrees He gets them to hold the form after His design is dissolved, They finally come to a point of evolution where they can embody a thought form and go outside the Temple and sustain it for certain length of time.

When they are able to hold the form for the length of time that represents a “season of manifestation” on the Earth, they are given over to one of the Nature Spirits who is overshadowing a garden, a lake, plain or hillside, and they go into the world of form and endeavour to create and sustain a blade of grass, a flower, a blossom. Thus, their creative, visualizing and sustaining powers grow and the Nature Kingdom evolves into greater responsibility. From such small beginnings potential Elohim are developed who will be enabled to receive the pattern for an entire planet form the Cosmic Builders, sustain it for an aeon of time – and provide a habitable globe for an entire evolution.

Since the Nature Kingdom “MIRRORS” what is seen, those who have come “up through” this evolution must be on guard to always hold the Divine Pattern in thought and feelings!

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