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We had already had an extraordinary spiritual journey before our trip to Indonesia in March of 2014. During 2011 and 2012, we started gathering from all parts of South Africa, although we were completely oblivious to any Divine Plan at that stage! We found ourselves sharing Anthea’s home, next to the Good Hope Sanctuary in Noordhoek, Cape Town.  We were all avid Saint Germain chelas and students!


During December of 2012 we received an invitation from a member of Swissindo asking us individually, by name, if we would be interested in joining Swissindo, which is an Indonesian based organization, formed for the purpose of distributing value-backed currency to the world. They had been tasked to gather 20 people to represent the African continent. Delia, Ashton, Mark, Anthea and myself were currently living on the property, and without hesitation we agreed. Antonet, who was not living on the property, was also invited, as was Benjamin who was living in the Natal province. Celeste, at the last minute, also felt compelled to come, although she was not part of Swissindo at that stage.  There were 8 of us.

About 2 months before we knew we were going to Indonesia, in all my meditations, a beautiful peaceful Golden Dragon would appear and lie down next to me. It never made me feel anxious at all, it brought a wonderful peaceful feeling with it. One day, about two weeks before we left for Indonesia, it invited me to sit on it!  I became one with it, and the next minute we were flying over rice paddy fields and landed on a road in a suburban area, I had no idea where it was. There was a wall, with a door in it, and behind it I could see an oblong shaped 6-pillar pergola.

In the early part of 2014, we were made aware of a planned Swissindo event in Cirebon, Indonesia on the 11th March 2014. It was to be called the ‘Semar Super Semar’, which means ‘Divine and Right Way’ in Indonesian. We had not thought of going at that stage, as financially we were not in strong positions!

About a week before the event, still in Cape Town, South Africa, early in the morning, Anthea came running down the stairs very excited, the rest of the household were already seated around the breakfast table having tea. She said that she got a strong feeling that we needed to go to Indonesia to attend the event.  Her enthusiasm filled us all, although none of us had money to buy air-tickets, let alone hotel accommodation once there, however, we got to work and miracles started happening!  I immediately called my mother’s wealthy boyfriend, and my ex-wife and without hesitation they both agreed to lend me some money, which allowed me to pay for the air-tickets for myself and Anthea. Delia sold her little VW golf in one day, which allowed tickets for herself and Mark. Ashton asked his friend, Judith who then revealed she had some cash stashed under her mattress, enough for the air-ticket, Antonet managed to borrow from her employer! And Benjamin had his own funds. This all happened within a week, and a day before the event, on March 10th 2014, we landed in Jakarta. We were delighted to find some of the Australian delegation had also decided to come, they landed just before us and we all met up in Jakarta International Airport!  Soon we were all on the train, very excited, heading to Cirebon to meet Mr. Sino (Bapak) and to attend the event the next day! On the way to Cirebon, the landscape looked very familiar to what I had seen on my journey with the Golden Dragon!

While travelling to Bapak’s house the driver said, “You must listen carefully otherwise you won’t hear what he says!”  When we arrived at the house, I realized to my astonishment, it was the exact same place that the Golden Dragon and I had landed a couple of weeks before – there was the same door in the wall.  

When I went up to greet Bapak he said, “Norman I like you”, which surprised me greatly, as he had never met me before! Later I asked if he was the Golden Dragon who had come to me in my meditations, and he said, “Yes, I am the Golden Dragon”. That was the evening of the 10th March 2014.  In His Presence there was always an extraordinarily powerful feeling of Love and Peace, which often made us tearful and it was magnetic, we could not wait to go back and visit him.  

The next morning, was the 11th March 2014, the day of the event, and the excitement was tangible!  It was at the Aston Hotel. The event was to witness and acknowledge an agreement between Swissindo and the Laos Government, to assist in distributing value-backed currencies to the world in the form of Payments 1-11. Laos was the ONLY country to respond to the invitation, although every country in the world had been invited.

During the event the Laos representative gave Mr. Sino a large empty chalice, into which Mr. Sino placed signed USA $bills, and handed it back to him as a symbol of Universal Income for all humanity. We were called up individually to sign as witness, this gift to the world. 


While I was seated at the Event, I was shown a beautiful vision of a Blazing Tube of White Light, extending up from the hotel. There was tier upon tier of Divine Beings. At the base of this tube there were legions of Winged Angels, above them were 1000’s of Ascended Masters, then above were Great Cosmic Beings and at the pinnacle were Alpha and Omega. 

We were very pleased to see the Name ‘ALFA and OMEGA’ on the Semar Super Semar Banner, as it further confirmed the link with our journey so far with Saint Germain and the Divine Beings, through studying the “I AM” and Bridge to Freedom material from the Ascended Masters.

During the proceedings, we all stood up to sing the National Anthems of Indonesia and Laos. To my amazement, I found that I knew the words and the music to the Indonesian Anthem, and sang it perfectly!   However, when it ended, so did the gift!  I could no longer understand the language. Later, when I queried that, Bapak mentioned, “previous embodiment”.

At lunch time, approximately 60 boxes of food were brought in and placed on a table near the entrance. On one table was vegetarian food, and on the other was Kentucky Fried Chicken. I noticed to my amazement, and kept a careful watch, as my attention had been brought to it, that during the course of the day, no more food was brought in to replace that which was eaten, yet everybody was fed, and it seemed many times over, and there were about 200 attendees, most of them were Indonesians. When we arrived at Bapak’s house later, I asked him how the food multiplied, and he said, “Jesus – loaves and fishes, – Bapak, Kentucky!”

On another occasion, when we visited Bapak, even though his English was not fluent, he spoke to me telepathically in perfect English, and said that I must ‘release my hurts’.  The next morning in my meditation and I found myself in a conference hall with rows and rows of chairs with peach-colored bags hanging on the back of them. I instinctively went up to the first chair at the back row and put my hand into the bag, pulled out the hurt and replaced it with Love and Light.  The chair disappeared and I did the same with all the others, until the hall was empty of chairs. When visiting Bapak the next evening, I called to the interpreter, wanting her to ask Bapak to explain further what I had experienced in my meditation, and before I could finish my sentence, I immediately got a telepathic response from him, saying “don’t worry, I enabled that!”

On another occasion, outside the hotel, we were visited by a group of Indonesians, one of whom   told us that the elderly person with them was the incarnation of King Solomon.  He was a thin, old gentleman. He came up to me, tapped me on my chest, and said in broken English “your heart, my heart – one heart!” and then he went and sat down.

I asked him if I could take a photo of him, and he nodded yes.  I went to the room to collect my camera, and was busy adjusting it to take the picture, but when looking through the lens, he was not visible, and yet he was there.  A young man came up to me and suggested that I sit next to him to ground him, and he would take the photo. Delia then came and sat on one side of him, and I on the other, and the picture was taken. As soon as we left the seat, he was not visible again through the camera. After that I found the camera was no longer working, and the only picture was that of the 3 of us.

On another occasion, Bapak said to us “When I have brought Heaven to Earth, I will go back to Heaven” meaning he will go back to Venus.


We were given proof that the gold is stored in Indonesia, by one of Bapak’s close and trusted helpers.   He told us how he had been physically driven blind-folded (for his safety), to an unknown destination. When the blindfold was removed, in front of him was a large vertical cliff. Bapak then told him to open the door to the cave, he responded by saying “where is the door?” With that Bapak walked up to the cliff, placed his hand on a spot and a door opened.  They then entered a tunnel, and it was lit up, yet there were no visible lights. They walked for about 500 meters into the mountain and came to a large circular room with 6 tunnels leading off it.

He was taken down 4 of 6 tunnels, which ended in chambers.  The first contained a full-sized golden chariot*(see below account by Archangel Michael on Sanat Kumara leaving the Earth in a Golden Chariot), in the next chamber was filled with gemstones and crystals, in the 3rd, he was told he was not allowed to cross the threshold, as the vibrations were too high.  He then watched Bapak mount some stone stairs up to a throne, with a crown lying on the seat.  He picked up the crown, sat down and placed it on his head, it was a perfect fit, and he then said “Ancient of Days”! Next to the throne on his right side, was a massive glowing quartz crystal standing about a meter high, and he estimated it weighed about 100 kilos’. Bapak then picked it up, and said “my staff”.   Then he was then taken to the 4th chamber which was about 200 feet square, and filled with gold bars.  He wasn’t taken to the others, but was told they also contained gold.

As we had month long visa’s, and we all wanted to stay on, we went to the immigration office in Cirebon to extend our visa’s a week before they were due to expire on the 10th April, 2014.  We were told to come back the next day, which we did.  The outcome of the visa extension request was not as we expected, as we were taken upstairs to some offices.  There we waited for quite a while until what looked like a chief officer came to us and said we were being detained for questioning. They knew we had attended the Semar Super Semar event on the 11th March. They held us there for 3 days, and after some negotiating, we were allowed to return to our hotel in the evening, but instructed we were not to leave our rooms and that we were being watched.  We were continually questioned as to the whereabouts of the gold!  We all told them the same story, that we didn’t know its whereabouts, but we knew that it was a gift from God for the world to set us free from the financial bondage, and that Bapak was the one chosen to give this gift to the world!

They didn’t provide us with food, however some of Bapak’s Swissindo team came every day with food and drinks. On the last day, Bapak himself arrived, and brought us pizza’s! Later a girl helping Bapak in his home office, came to visit, and we said how thrilled we were to see Bapak earlier in the day, and she looked astonished, and replied, “but he has been with me all day!”

On the morning of the 4th day we were told to pack and that we were being transported to Jakarta in a police van, and that we were being deported.  We were accompanied like criminals, through the airports, right up to the time we were handed over to the South African authorities back in Cape Town, who then let us go!


19th August 2020

Message from this morning from the Beloved Great Divine Director:

Norman and Anthea were sitting in Mugg & Bean coffee shop in the Blue Route Mall – we were chatting about Bapak and his trip to the USA and this came through….

“Trump, Q and Bapak (Mr Sino) will be in the same room together – even if it has to be in projected consciousness.” Then we were told “Trump is a High Angel chosen for this.”

“It has been preordained by Cosmic Decree that this moment shall come to pass for the VICTORY OF LIGHT over darkness!”

(From the Beloved Great Divine Director, through Norman on the 29th February 2016)


“Beloved children of the ONE GOD MOST HIGH, rejoice for the hour has come for the Earth and her people to return to the LIGHT! For the ‘LIGHT OF GOD NEVER FAILS’! The ‘LIGHT AS OF A THOUSAND SUNS’ descends – and all darkness flees before it!

Stand together as ONE HEART in Praise and Gratitude! My Diamond Heart encompasses all in Mighty Love and Peace.”

Received from the Beloved Great Divine Director – through His beloved messenger Norman (  on the 20th February 2016


“Witness the Power of the Beloved Ascended Ones at work!”  6th March 2016



 “The one known as Bapak Sughi is the One and only True Prophet of the One True God Most High.”

Received from the Beloved Great Divine Director – through His beloved messenger Norman (  on the 20th February 2016



Excerpt from Bridge to Freedom – The Angelic Kingdom – page 84

January 29, 1956

Welcome into the heart and spirit of faith tonight, beloved friends, you who have guarded, guided, and protected the faith of mankind life after life for many aeons of time!

It is my great honor and privilege to re-open the doors of my retreat here in the Western Hemisphere tonight, for the great and magnificent purpose of forming the platform, forming the impetus, forming the actual momentum of energy – UPON WHICH THE LORD OF THE WORLD, HIMSELF, SHALL ASCEND IN MAJESTIC GLORY AND DIGNITY TO HIS HOME!

So do I now offer my gratitude to you for your participation in these scenes beyond the veil of maya, relying wholly upon the instincts of your hearts, the promptings of your spirits and the radiation which we endeavor to pour through the veil of maya into your worlds, particularly into your emotional bodies.

It is a rather marvelous activity when you think that through the human veil, Ascended Beings can contact and commune with unascended beings in a sufficient pressure of conviction that a handful of such unascended beings are willing to stand within their faith in God and those of us who are his messengers, and use voluntarily – without pressure of superstition and fear and doubt – their vital energies, mentally, emotionally, etherically, and physically, to further the evolution of a recalcitrant planet and its people.

The activity begins tonight at Shamballa. You are, of course, all acquainted with Shamballa – the marble bridge, the beautiful temples representing the Seven Great Rays, the great central pool in which play the magnificent flame fountains, and the beautiful temple of Sanat Kumara overlooking the whole!

From within this temple Sanat Kumara has reigned since his coming to Earth, many millions of years ago. From within this temple he has sent forth every messenger of light who has ever carried the message of God and the example of the nature of God to man. This temple is filled with memories for each of you and for each of us as we look upon it tonight.

Over this temple has always flown the crest, the banner and the standard of Sanat Kumara, which is, of course, the planet Venus, a deep purple field surrounded with the laurel wreath. Tonight, when that standard is lowered for the first time since his coming, the standard of the Lord Gautama will be raised, the two activities taking place almost simultaneously. When the purple banner of Sanat Kumara comes down, the golden banner of the Lord Gautama is run up – the planet Earth, surrounded with the colors of the Causal Body, on a gold field.

You will remember that the beloved Sanat Kumara removed the crown from his own head on New Year’s Eve, and placed it upon that of the Buddha, which signified the transference of his powers, partially, to Lord Gautama. HOWEVER, SANAT KUMARA WILL REMAIN IN THE ATMOSPHERE OF EARTH AS REGENT UNTIL THE TIME ALLOTTED TO HIM BY COSMIC LAW EXPIRES. His visits to Venus, will be governed by the amount of release and relief the people of Earth accord to him. He will be a “commuter,” you might say, between the two stars.


Every Hierarch and every Ascended Being, as well as every retreat, has a banner, a standard, or a flag. You know mine: the blue field with the golden sun and the embossed figures of the Seven Archangels. Each Hierarch and each retreat and sanctuary of the Brotherhood is represented in Shamballa tonight with a standard representative of their focus and activity of light. They are lined up on either side of the central pool where the flame fountains play – almost a hundred deep – those magnificent flags.

That walk is very, very long and the full length of it, from the foot of Sanat Kumara’s Temple to the end of the bridge across the sapphire sea, is massed with beings – members of the Elohimic Court, Cosmic Beings, angels, devas, and Masters. All bear their individual standards and, as Sanat Kumara’s flag is lowered, all of the standards are dipped, somewhat similar to your activity of honor when a great personage passes, only, of course this is not a sad moment, it is rather a cosmic moment of rejoicing.

Let us go back for a moment now, and see the activity as it took place. The standard of Sanat Kumara is still waving over the temple. Its purple field is plainly visible with the beautiful Star Venus, and the lovely laurel wreath upon it. Now, as all eyes are focused upon it, it comes slowly down and as it does, every standard is dipped in recognition, love and gratitude for the service it represents. Then, almost with the same action, the gold standard of the Lord Gautama ascends where it now waves, in undulating folds of bright color upon the soft breeze.

The beloved Sanat Kumara is in a pure, unadorned white robe tonight – no vestments of any kind – while the beloved Lord Gautama wears the royal purple robe and the crown and scepter. By his side stands the Lord Maitreya, also in the royal purple robes of authority, with miter and staff.

For the present, it has been arranged that the activity of the previous Buddha, Lord Gautama and the new Buddha, Lord Maitreya, will be combined, because THE SERVICE OF THE LORD OF THE WORLD IS TO GENERATE ENOUGH LIGHT TO KEEP THE PLANET IN THE SOLAR SYSTEM, and Lord Maitreya’s gift is to take the activity of the ceremony wherever possible, because, as you know, the Lord Gautama is not inclined that way. It will be a threefold activity, which will be magnificent, Gautama holding the light, the peace and the illumination, Sanat Kumara as Counselor and Regent, and Lord Maitreya as the head and heart of the Brotherhood in practically all ceremonial service. Tonight, Gautama has, for the occasion, adorned himself with crown and cape and scepter.

Sanat Kumara, Lord Gautama, and Lord Maitreya now appear at the door of the great temple and slowly descend the long flight of steps. As they reach the foot, they turn and look upward, where Sanat Kumara’s standard still waves in the breeze. Now, at a given signal, the purple banner is drawn earthward and the golden standard of Lord Gautama is run up. During the slow descent of Sanat Kumara’s banner, the flags of the entire assembly are dipped. It is a most solemn moment – in a way, a nostalgic moment, for it portends change, not only for the Celestial Hierarchy dedicated to the welfare of the planet, but to the people evolving upon it, as well.

All flags are lifted now in tribute to the Lord Gautama, and one of the angelic beings, carefully folding the purple banner, lays it gently over the arm of Sanat Kumara. The three great hierarchs are now walking along the wide avenue toward the bridge, smiling and bowing to the assembled Brotherhood, while every banner is dipped in acknowledgment of their presence as they pass.

When they reach the entrance to the bridge, they pause and turn around, seemingly to implant the scenes they have just passed through, in their memories forever. Now the beloved Sanat Kumara stoops and kisses the grassy sward at his feet, while the vast assembly, who have not moved, gaze upon these great Masters of Love with unutterable love and tenderness expressed in their countenances and bearing.

Lord Gautama, Sanat Kumara, and Lord Maitreya stand there for a moment. Then, raising their hands, and touching their hearts and heads in a gesture of adieu, they turn and walk over the bridge and disappear in a blaze of light. The next moment they are standing at the great doors of my retreat in the Western Hemisphere, situated at a place now called Banff, in the Rocky Mountains of Canada, in the North American Continent.

The final ceremony of the transition of power from Sanat Kumara to Lord Gautama, as well as Sanat Kumara’s departure for Venus, takes place at my retreat in the Western Hemisphere, which, we think, has a real significance in itself. Those of us who were privileged to witness it will never forget the solemnity of that great occasion.

The two great hierarchs approach each other from either side of the great altar, ascend the steps together, and stand facing each other, their Causal Bodies blazing out like great fans in all the glorious colors of the rays. Now they approach each other until they meet within the flame on the altar, where they become one, at which moment there is a tremendous flash of light, followed by an expansion of the flame, which passes through the entire atmosphere of Earth.

At that precise moment, the Causal Body of Sanat Kumara is withdrawn from the body of the Earth, while that of Lord Gautama enfolds it in its embrace. The Causal Body of Sanat Kumara becomes the aureole encompassing him and his entourage on the journey to Venus. I will now ask you to sing the song to Sanat Kumara, beloved ones, so it might be said that his return to Venus was accomplished on the energies of the Earth people (audience sings)

The transition of Sanat Kumara, and those who accompanied him, to his own beloved star, was accomplished in a beautiful chariot, fashioned out of etheric substance, by the visualizing process of chelas on the Earth plane who were aware that this transition would take place within a specified period of time. The actual journey was accomplished, of course, with the speed of light, and almost immediately they had arrived within the orbit of Venus. In the meantime, the Lady Venus, with her court, had come out to meet her Lord. As the two companies approached each other, Sanat Kumara descended from his chariot and, in the simple white robe he had donned when he transferred the robes of state to Lord Gautama, he went forward alone to meet his queen. The Lady Venus also came forward unaccompanied, and as these two great beings greeted each other with outstretched hands, the light of their Causal Bodies encompassed them, and they were lost to the sight of the watching multitudes for a moment.

Now, the music and song of the angelic choir fills the atmosphere, and the voices of the people of Venus can be heard as they sing the song of welcome to their beloved king – the same song they sang as he departed from them so many aeons ago, but now rendered in the joyous tones of happiness.

Sanat Kumara and his beloved Venus now give praise and thanks for his joyful and victorious return, and for the successful accomplishment of his mission of love.

It is not difficult, beloved ones, when you have passed through the veil of so-called death, when your inner sight is cleared, and you can look with unscaled eyes upon the creations of the psychic and astral realms that bind souls round in darkness, to be fired with enthusiasm and, in the fuller freedom of your etheric vehicles, go into action to set souls free. But, when you must rely upon our words and upon our honor and upon your own faith in tasks undertaken and accomplished by yourselves, then great, indeed, is the benefaction to the soul who does so stand and, boldly facing the unseen – utilizing both the powers of invocation and visualization – set into motion cosmic activities of mercy and purification which have, in a short span of time, freed souls who have been impounded for long ages, slept through aeons of time or had been earthbound and by this very self-imprisonment had not been willing or able to find out the will of their own I AM Presence, or even if they knew that will, could not fulfill it and complete their destiny.

Beloved friends, sometime, some place, somewhere, either on this or some other planet of the system or any of the inner spheres, each created intelligence must come to a point where there is surrender of the intellect, of the feelings, and of the senses to the God-Self.

Beloved friends, it is the service of those who serve with me – the defenders of the faith – to keep alive the faith in God within the hearts and souls of men, the faith in their own divine destiny, which knowledge should raise them above the limitations in which they are now submerged. It is to intensify and expand that faith that the legions of my kingdom constantly breathe upon the soul-light of men, and in that breathing, give something of ourselves, something of our nature, which service enables men to “keep on keeping on.”

This beautiful sanctuary at Banff was prepared for our use by the beloved builders of form, assisted by members of the angelic host, at the time of the descent of the first root race, accompanied by the Lord Manu and myself. It was hewn out of the rocks and adorned with the most exquisite diamonds and sapphires, drawn from the heart of the mountains with the cooperation of the beloved Virgo. I remember the occasion of my first visit here and the feeling of love, the deep love, that surged through me for the dear planet and for the blessed beings who, in loving harmony and beauty, fashioned such a magnificent, such a holy and completely beautiful gift, for our visitation and our use.

This temple was used throughout the first Golden Ages. People who wished to be revitalized came from all over the landed surface of the Earth. In the flame on the altar they found nourishment for the particular project or idea they wished to externalize. Those standing within it found the primal seed of their idea growing and developing in a magic, mystic way and very often, before they had descended the steps of the temple, the ephemeral concept of the picture they had in mind had been clothed in a clear, concise mental image in the feelings and often precipitated, if it were a small object, in their hands.

This is the activity of faith, beloved ones. It is giving life and substance to that which is ephemeral – to that which lives in the realm of ideation – and which dies so OFTEN FOR THE LACK OF CLOTHING IT IN THE SUBSTANCE OF THE FEELING WORLD THROUGH FAITH BEFORE IT IS LOWERED INTO THE MORE DENSE SUBSTANCE OF THE PHYSICAL WORLD.

After the “Fall of Man,” when man had withdrawn his attention from his Presence and became absorbed in the creations of the outer world, this temple was closed to the material mind. It has remained vibrating in the etheric realm during the long centuries in between, to the present day.

Many of the temples used in Atlantis and Lemuria have been raised into the etheric realms. Some day they will be lowered again, when man is spiritually ready to receive them. It has happened that one or more of the precious stones used in the construction of these temples has been put in the hands of a high priest or the head of a spiritual order, where they form a connection with the Celestial Hierarchy. There are several dozens of the stones from my own temple in the possession of individuals at various points on Earth’s surface today. The lifestreams, in whose possession they happen to be, are not always aware of their origin or whence they came, but they do sense the mystic quality that radiates from them, and treasure them accordingly.

Do you know, beloved ones, that the very substance of your own homes, the furniture within them and all your personal possessions are charged with the vibratory action of your own lifestreams? Everything that you think and feel and speak is registered within them at all times.

The temples that were drawn forth in the early days were all protected by the priests and priestesses and guarded, so that no discord could charge into their substance. When lifestreams came for help and assistance, there was a ConsCiousnEss And A quAlity within thEm which was absorbed by the applicant and suppliant for grace. This I know you are endeavoring to do today, through your blessings to the spirits of the homes and sanctuaries and foci where the various flames are located. WHERE YOU HAVE A CONCENTRATE OF THE SACRED FIRE THERE IS AN ESSENTIAL REQUIREMENT FOR THE MAINTENANCE OF HARMONIOUS ENERGIES IN ORDER TO HOLD IT IN THE PHYSICAL WORLD.

I must speak to you for a moment about the people of Venus. They have been without their lord for millions of years. He is now returning to his star on a thirty-day visit, and from this time on, he will never be very far from it. He will come and go at intervals, as occasion demands, and as you of Earth purify the remaining cores of distress, and allow him to do so.

The people of Venus and the beloved Lady Master Venus herself have prepared for Sanat Kumara’s reception. The Great Kumaras, the angelic host, the priests and priestesses and the people, themselves, are all in a festive mood and in a state of great spiritual expectancy.

This great star now shines forth brilliantly, and Sanat Kumara smiles as he stands in his robes of white, with his beloved queen beside him in full view of the entire populace. They bow in acknowledging the love and gratitude expressed by their people at his return. The radiation of love and happiness pulsating from the star Venus is indescribable.

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