peace flower



“Gold was a common commodity in all Golden Ages, because its natural emanation is a purifying, balancing, and vitalizing energy or force. It is placed within the earth by the Lords of Creation – those Great Beings of Light & Love, who create and direct worlds, systems of worlds, and the expansion of the Light in the beings upon them.

“The outer mind or intellectual knowledge of humanity, holds within it little – very little – understanding of the real purpose for which gold exists on this planet. It grows within the earth like a plant, and through it there is constantly pouring a purifying, vitalizing, and balancing current of energy into the very ground we walk upon, as well as into the growth of Nature and the atmosphere we breath.

“Gold is placed upon this planet for a variety uses, two of its most trivial and unimportant ones being that of using gold as a means of exchange and for ornamentation. The far greater activity and purpose of it within and upon the earth is the release of its own inherent quality and energy to purify, vitalize and balance the atomic structure of the world.

“The scientific world today has no inkling as yet of this activity. However, it serves the same purpose to our earth that radiators do to our homes.  Gold is one of the most important ways by which the energy from our Sun is supplied to the interior of the earth and a balance of activities maintained.  As a conveyor of this energy, it acts as a transformer to pass the Sun’s force into the physical substance of our world as well as to the Life evolving upon it.  The energy within gold is really the radiant electronic force from the Sun acting in a lower octave. Gold is sometimes called a precipitated Sun Ray.

“As the energy  within gold is of an extremely high vibratory rate, it can only act upon the finer and more subtle expressions of Life through absorption. In all Golden Ages this metal comes into plentiful and common use by the mass of the people, and whenever such a condition occurs, the spiritual development of that people reaches a very high state. In these ages the gold is never hoarded, but instead is widely distributed into the use of the masses, who, absorbing its purifying energy, are themselves raised into a greater perfection. Such is the right use of gold, and when this Law is consciously understood and obeyed, the individual may draw any quantity he desires to himself by the use of that Law.

“Because of the gold deposits in all mountain ranges one finds health and vigor in Life upon the mountains that he cannot find at any other place on the earth’s surface. No one every heard of detrimental effects coming to those who constantly handle pure gold. While in its pure state, it is soft and wears away easily  – still that very quality is the fulfilling of this purpose of which I have just spoken.

“The more advanced of these people produced much gold by precipitation, direct from the Universal. The domes of many building were covered with sheets of pure gold and the interiors decorated with brilliant jewels in curious yet marvelous designs. These jewels were also precipitated from the One Eternal Substance.

“As in all ages past, there was a portion of the people who became more interested in the temporary pleasure of the senses than in the larger creative plan of the Great God Self. This caused them to lose consciousness of the God Power within them.”



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